Quick Fixes for Home Staging That Won't Break the Bank

Quick Fixes for Home Staging That Won't Break the Bank

A gray and white living room with blue throw pillows on the couch

Has the time come to put your property for sale on the real estate marketplace? In that case, staging it so that you showcase its best assets is the best way to impress potential buyers, gain a competitive edge, and achieve the most profitable deal. In fact, according to research, well-staged properties typically sell quicker and for up to 15 percent higher price than un-staged homes. However, budgets for this move will vary from one seller to the next, and not everyone has the luxury of expensive makeovers and professional stagers. Luckily, there are plenty of other simpler ways to make your home shine regardless of your finances. A little bit of your effort is all it takes to attract some top offers. Below we explore some quick fixes for home staging that won’t break the bank. 

#1 Clean

Successful home staging does not require you to spend oodles of money. Merely cleaning your NYC home thoroughly is enough to show a potential buyer that you have taken great care of the property. 

For best results, take time to clean every corner of the house. Go from the floors to the ceilings – and everything in between. If you don’t plan on purchasing new appliances for the kitchen, your existing ones should be spotless for the photos and open house. Likewise, make sure to pay special attention to the bathrooms. Make everything sparkle – from the tub corners to the sink drain and even that not-so-obvious spot behind the toilet that everyone thinks nobody will notice. Your objective? – Making everything look new.

#2 Declutter

Decluttering is one of the most essential and affordable steps in preparing your home for sale. Essentially, clutter tends to be one of the worst offenders for making a room look smaller than it is. Even the largest and most beautiful open floor plans can appear cramped and unattractive if too much furniture, messy hobbies, décor, and knickknacks are lying around. Regardless of how clean the house may be, cluttered homes always look like they haven’t been maintained well to the buyer. What’s more, clutter distracts the buyer’s eye from all the nice features of your home that you want to be seen. And so, automatically, the perceived value of your property is decreased. 

A staged living room

So, it’s time to box everything up and put it away. Think about renting self-storage in NYC. You can look for a unit nearby for the things you don’t need on a day-to-day basis but would still like to keep close. As for all the things you no longer need, such as old kids’ toys or clothes you haven’t worn forever – get rid of them. The emptier storage space you have in your home, the better. 

#3 Depersonalize

Home buyers interested in your home will immediately try to envision themselves living in it. The main goal of home staging, thus, is that they like what they picture in their minds. 

This, however, doesn’t always mean adding things. In fact, achieving some quality home staging that won’t break the bank can be as simple as removing unnecessary items from the house. So, take down all the family photographs, clear out any keepsakes, put away all the kids’ toys, and remove your refrigerator art. The kitchen and bathroom counters should be empty (except for appliances, hand soaps, new, plush towels in the bathrooms, and such). Anything highly personal or may not appeal to buyers should be removed or kept hidden as much as possible. This also includes excess clothes overwhelming your wardrobe, tools in the garage, mail on the kitchen countertop, and whimsical artwork, wallpapers, furniture, and rugs. The point is to make every room as neutral as possible.

#4 Add some fresh and inviting touches

At this point, your home may feel pretty sparse. Time to bring it back to life! A vase of gorgeous flowers on the bathroom counter, a bowl of fresh fruit on the dining table, color-coordinated throw pillows or blankets on the sofa, and a potted plant here and there can truly do wonders to make any interior feel fresh and inviting. Plus, they add a beautiful pop of color and tie the space together.

A close-up of home decorations

Next, you’ll want to eliminate any odors and give your home an inviting aroma. First, take out the trash and, if you’re a smoker, limit smoking indoors. Then, you can:

  • Let fresh air into the house
  • Get some oil plug-ins with a subtle
  • Clean scent for each room
  • Burn vanilla-scented candles 
  • Bake cinnamon-coated cookies or apples in the oven

#5 Think light and bright

Need some quality home staging without shelling out a lot of money? Here’s one simple hack: keep your entire home well-lit. You heard it—no expensive and stressful renovations. The windows should be open and inviting and allow plenty of natural light. So, make sure to open all curtains and blinds for showings. It’s as simple as that. 

Consider adding new fixtures where necessary and turning all the lights (including those in your closets) when showing your home. This will not only make the interiors brighter and more inviting but also save home buyers from having to hunt for light switches. Finally, bring in some accents that channel bright energy, such as greenery, fruit – even plastic, and mirrors. The goal is a light and bright abode.

#6 Don’t forget the curb appeal

The exterior and the entryway are essential points of focus as they can strongly influence a buyer’s first impression. They may deter the buyer, or they may invite them in.

An image of a house exterior

For the latter to happen, you’ll want to take some time sprucing up the outside of your house. Cohesive landscaping – neatly pruned trees, hedges, plants, and lawn – is vital. But if you add some gleaming new paint to the mix, you’ve got yourself a pretty Insta-worthy yard and some stunning listing photos. If you can, definitely consider pressure washing your exterior and making the windows squeaky clean. This will undoubtedly make it appear almost freshly painted, only with much less effort and expense.

Finally, take care of some basics. For instance, slap a new coat of paint on your front and back doors and throw in some welcome mats. Also, make sure the house number and the mailbox look sharp. These are all quick home staging fixes that won’t break the bank.