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Home Staging Long ISland, NY

One of the best ways to get a home sold in today’s market is home staging. Home staging is when a homeowner gets their home ready to sell by bringing in furniture and décor in order to make the house appear more attractive and valuable. Staging is important because it allows the purchasers to imagine themselves in the home. It highlights its appealing qualities and conceals its drawbacks. Good staging creates a vibe in-home and can even improve the appearance of a property in photographs. This helps houses generate interest from buyers and real estate brokers.

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home staging long Island, NY

What Sets Us Apart

We know how to make a home look its best and maximize its full potential. Our home staging services are designed to help homeowners get their homes sold for top dollar and quickly. Our team provides ideas on furniture placement and creates room displays that will attract buyers. We have been staging Long Island homes for over 25 years and know what works to get a home sold.

Home Staging Possibilities

With us, you will be able to do more with your property than you ever thought possible. We turn homes from outdated and unattractive, to clean and appealing. For example, we may help you stage your property by providing the following:

kitchen staging

Kitchen Staging

Kitchens are often the main gathering place of the home, so it is important to make sure that this space is open and inviting. When staging a home, our team may move furniture around, put in new window treatments, set up decor, replace appliances, bring in potted plants, and more.
stage living room

Living Room Staging

In order to set up living room home staging, home stagers often bring in a large couch and a television set. They may also arrange various pieces of furniture to create different spaces. For example, home stagers will use two couches to create a conversation area, or they can place a chair on either side of the fireplace. This allows homebuyers to visualize themselves sitting in a certain area in a home.
bedroom home staging

Bedroom Staging

For staging Long Island bedrooms, home stagers often bring in a king-size bed or queen-size bed with nightstands. They also bring in dressers and mirrors to create more storage space while keeping the bedroom homey and comfortable. If home buyers can imagine themselves sleeping in the home, it will be far more likely that they will purchase the home.
bathroom home staging

Bathroom Staging

When staging bathrooms, home stagers may bring in a pedestal sink or vanities with mirrors. They may also bring in a linen cabinet and arrange towels inside of it for home staging. These home staging services allow homebuyers to picture themselves using the bathroom and getting ready in the morning or before bed at night.
office staging

Office Staging

Staging an office space involves home stagers bringing in desks, filing cabinets, chairs, and bookshelves. They will arrange the home like an office to showcase what home buyers can do with their home if they buy it. Home staging companies may also make copies of home plans to show home staging clients how they can use the space to make money off of their home's efficiency.
outdoor interior design in Queens, NY-min

Outdoor Staging

When home staging outdoor areas of Long Island homes, home stagers bring in flowers and furniture. They may set up a table and umbrella for home staging or choose to highlight the home's greenery. This allows homebuyers to envision themselves spending time outside with their loved ones if they were to move into this home.

Staging for Pre-owned Homes

When you hire us to stage a previously lived-in home, we will often remove clutter and personal effects to give potential buyers a sense of spaciousness and freedom. We will also focus on the home’s amenities and positive features such as a home’s yard or kitchen. We know how to pack up all of the home’s belongings in order to create a new, refreshing feel!

Staging for New Build Homes

Home staging companies may also home stage new build homes in Long Island. They will often bring in furniture that homebuilders or home buyers have selected during home planning or home buying processes. This way, homebuyers can envision themselves using the spaces before they ever move into them.

Home Staging Consultations

In addition, we provide home staging consultations for Long Island homeowners who want to sell their home but aren’t sure where to begin or how to properly stage it. We offer homeowners advice on how to get their homes ready for the market and which upgrades will be appealing and profitable. Our Long Island home staging professionals can give homeowners guidance on what they need to do to get a home ready to sell.

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If you are interested in home staging Long Island homes, please feel free to contact us today! We have the experience and knowledge needed for staging Long Island properties. Home staging does not just involve putting nice things in a home but creating an ambiance that is welcoming while concealing its flaws. Our team takes home staging seriously and are well trained to create the perfect space that homebuyers will be interested in. We hope to hear from you soon!