A Man… Making a House a Home

A Man… Making a House a Home

I always dreamed of designing my own place… and loved the idea of having a blank canvas where I could design every aspect to my liking. Though, I never realized that this dream of mine would actually come true one day! After facing a divorce, I had to start all over, and find a place of my own. When I think back… it was really scary at the time, but it was important for me to make some new memories wherever I landed. 

One day, when I was house shopping, I stumbled upon this beautiful, new beach front community where homes were being offered at affordable prices! I immediately made an appointment to view the model homes, and knew instantly which one would be perfect for my dream house–the model with three bedrooms, soaring living room ceilings, a galley kitchen, and a cozy, private patio overlooking the ocean. I immediately called my sis and asked her to meet me at the model home for her opinion. Once she saw it, she loved it…and said, “go for it!” I immediately put down a hefty deposit that very day. The only downside is that it was just a shell with bare walls, having mostly standard stuff with few upgrades.  It definitely needed lots of work done before I could move in, but I was up for the challenge. I thought to myself, “well, here’s your blank canvas…now make it your home!”

I was somewhat apologetic about constantly annoying the developer for finding fault in a perfectly new house…and coming up with creative ideas for building my own nest, but I wanted the house to have all the special features that were important to me.

The saying, “ home is really where the heart is,” is true… and I was now responsible for making my new pad a home—a comfy and inviting place to live. Creating my dream home took lots of time, effort, and plenty of hard work – but it’s been worth it in the end.

What Moves a Man to Make it Home?

There are lots of things that go into making a house a home. For many, it’s not just about having four walls and a roof over their heads. It’s about creating a comfy place to live – a place where you can relax and feel at ease.

And for many men, that means taking on the role of homemaker. Whether it’s cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or keeping the house clean, these guys are determined to make their home a haven that reflects their unique style and personality. 

So if you’re ever wondering what it takes to make a man happy, take a look at his house or man cave – because chances are, he’s made it into his own paradise.

Do We Underestimate Men When Creating Their Homes?

When it comes to making a house a home, women are the natural experts! I definitely remember my mother and my grandma– being the ones responsible for cooking, cleaning, and decorating the house. These great ladies inspired me how they handled everything…every minor detail in the house.

However, things have changed so drastically in our society. What often gets overlooked is that some men can be just as enthusiastic about creating a comfortable and functional home environment. In fact, many men feel a sense of satisfaction from taking care of their loved ones in this way. So if you’re wondering why your man is so into making a house a home, here might be some possible explanations:

Interior Design for small living space

He May See it as His Duty to Provide for His Family

While it’s far from customary today….when people thought of the traditional gender roles in a relationship, they thought of the man as the provider and the woman as the caretaker. While this dynamic is hardly accurate for couples today, a recent study did find that some men still see it as their duty to provide financial support for their families.

Providing for your loved ones is an important part of being a good spouse or partner. Men generally still see themselves in this role. Building a home could be a way of expression for man in response to his natural urge to provide for his family.

He May Enjoy Getting Creative With Interior Design Projects

Don’t think guys are into having nice places?  If so, you’d be surprised to know that many men also love doing this type of work. In fact, they often find it quite enjoyable and relaxing. This may come as a surprise to some people, but it’s definitely true. I can’t forget the love my wife and I put into our marital home. We shopped till we dropped, but we picked things for the house we both loved.

So if you’re a man who loves interior design, don’t be afraid to embrace your passion. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something that others had perceived as “feminine.” Men who like to build and decorate their homes or man caves are definitely in good company. 

Building a home is another way to cater to the artistic soul inside for some men.

He May Appreciate Having a Place of His Own

Making a house-a-home is a task many men take on with great pride. It can be seen as a true accomplishment when they are able to complete it themselves.

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes along with this type of project, and many men feel like it is one of the most important things they can do in their lives. This may be why so many men love to design their own places. 

Having a place to claim as your own could also produce a level of exhilaration and boost one’s self-esteem.

Building a Home is Instinctual

Have you ever seen a male Bowerbird building an elaborate tent-like nest to lure his female? 

Or… the male Penguin looking for the best pebbles to decorate the place for his female? 

Building a home may come naturally to men. In many species, it has been observed that males build a nest to invite females for mating. For ages, providing for a family was a man’s obligation, while females were held responsible for nurturing and homemaking. 

What our ancestors used to do, according to Psychologists, is a part of our collective unconscious; thus an urge to build a beautiful home may come as an instinct to men.

It’s a Wrap!

As the saying goes, “It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a Home”- the heart of a man revolves around his family, and building a home for them is something he cherishes forever. Seeing his family growing happily in a cozy home makes a man happy and fills his heart with contentment. 

Yet, the man’s role in the household continues to evolve, and men are taking on more of an interest in their own homes, as well. One way they’re stepping up is by doing their part in building a beautiful home for family…or simply for themselves.

Stay tuned for some great tips on how to make that happen!